A calcium sulfonate grease that stays put, providing EP and high heat performance that won't slough off.

  • High heat and extreme pressure performance
  • Long lasting, resists separation
  • Non-corrosive calcium sulfonate
  • Sold in 100+ locations nationwide
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    See iXL Premium Grease In Action

    Standing Up To High Heat
    Withstanding Extreme Pressure

    The Only Multi-Purpose Grease To Perform Like Multiple Specialty Greases

    iXL Premium Grease is a scientifically advanced multi-purpose calcium sulfonate grease that is NLGI certified and GCLB rated. iXL Premium Grease is the only all purpose grease formulated with iXL Technology&mark; to reach or exceed the performance properties of single-purpose specialty greases.

    • Extreme Heat: A true dropping oint of +550°F without added glues.
    • Extreme Pressure: 800 kgf 4-ball weld test without heavy metals like zinc or molybdenum.
    • Water Resistance: Marine grade water washout raing, <2.75%
    • Non Corrosive: 1A copper strip corrosion rating; best possible.
    • Long Lasting: Proprietary formulation prevents grease sloughing.
    • Environmentally Friendly: Outstanding protection without heavyt metals or 313 toxins, found in other grease.

    iXL Premium Grease - NLGI #2 is available in the following package quantities:

    Half-Case (5 Tubes)

    • Individual Tube Volume: 14.5oz
    • Total Package Volume: 72.5oz
    • Total Shipping Weight: 5.45lbs

    Case (10 Tubes)

    • Individual Tube Volume: 14.5oz
    • Total Package Volume: 145oz
    • Total Shipping Weight: 11lbs

    Master Pack (50 Tubes)

    • Individual Tube Volume: 14.5oz
    • Total Package Volume: 725oz
    • Total Shipping Weight: 54.5lbs

    35lbs Bucket

    • Total Shipping Weight: 37.6lbs


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    Downloadable SDS

    iXL Premium NLGI #2 Grease - SDS

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    Tech Data

    iXL Premium Grease Tech Data - NLGI #2
    Characteristic ASTM Test Value
    NLGI Grade n/a 2
    Viscosity @ 40°C, cst ASTM D 445 118
    Viscosity Index ASTM D 2270 97
    Penetration Worked ASTM D 217 280
    Dropping Point, °F ASTM D 2265 570
    Color Visual n/a Green-Blue
    Texture n/a Smooth
    Timken OK, lbs. ASTM D 2509 65+
    Water Washout, wt% loss @ 175°F ASTM D 1264 < 2.75
    Rust Prevention, rating ASTM D 1743 Pass
    Wheel Bearing Leakage ASTM D 1263 4
    Thickener Type ASTM D 128 Calcium Sulfonate Complex
    4-Ball EP - Weld Point (kg) ASTM D 2596 Pass (800kg)
    4-Ball Wear (scar mm) ASTM D 2266 < 0.40
    Copper Strip Corrosion ASTM D 4048 1A
    Oil Separation (24 hours) ASTM D 1742 0.17
    Roll Stability, Pen. ASTM D 1831 +5