The only aerosol lubricant you need. This highly effective yet non-corrosive spray lube only needs a little heat (from a wrench or air gun) to loosen any stuck part.

  • Lubricates metal on metal surfaces
  • Loosens frozen or rusted parts
  • Odorless, easy to use
  • Protects against moisture and rust
  • Sold in 100+ locations nationwide
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    A Unique Approach To Lubrication

    iXL Gold Lubricant uses heat-activated iXL Technologies&mark; that penetrate under rust and buildup to lubricate the metal underneath. Because iXL Gold Lubricant lubricates from the inside out, you use less than with a penetrating oil, and have a lesser chance of damaging the stuck parts.

    One Can Replaces Them All

    Shop managers and mechanics love iXL Gold Lubricant because it replaces so many other aerosol sprays and lubricants. One can of iXL Gold can replace:

    • Pentrant lubricants
    • Chain and cable lubes
    • Silicone Sprays
    • Lubricating oils
    • Graphite Lube
    • Drilling Oil

    Non-Corrosive Formula

    Because iXL Gold Lubricant is heat activated, it doesn't need to be corrosive to effectively loosen stuck parts. This makes iXL Gold a perfect choice for lubricating any metal on metal applications, like king pins and u-bolts.

    Stops Squealing and Screeching

    iXL Gold Lubricant treats the metal from the inside out, leaving a microscopic layer of lubricating protection between moving parts.

    iXL Gold Lubricant is available in the following package quantities:

    Individual (1 Can)

    • Individual Product Volume: 12oz / 340g
    • Total Package Volume: 12oz / 340g
    • Total Shipping Weight: 1.08lbs

    4-Pack (4 Cans)

    • Individual Product Volume: 12oz / 340g
    • Total Package Volume: 48oz / 1360g
    • Total Shipping Weight: 4.3lbs

    Case (12 Cans)

    • Individual Product Volume: 12oz / 340g
    • Total Package Volume: 144oz / 4080g
    • Total Shipping Weight: 12.9lbs
    1. Shake can vigorously.
    2. Remove cap and point valve opening towards surface to be sprayed.
    3. Hold can 4-6 inches away.
    4. Push spray button.
    5. Cover with an even amount of lubricant.
    6. For hard to reach areas, use extender tube provided with can.


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    Ground Shipping

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    Downloadable SDS

    iXL Gold Lubricant - SDS

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