iXLStore.com Officially Launched

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Welcome To iXLStore.com

The First Official Authorized Online Retailer

We're excited to announce the official launch of iXLStore.com, the first online retailer officially authorized by iXL Oil to sell iXL Products online.

Our one and only goal is to make buying iXL Products, like the game-changing iXL Diesel Treatment, Regen Fix, and the unbeatable iXL Premium Grease.


In late August of 2015, iXL Oil, the exclusive manufacture of products featuring iXL Technologies&mark; launched a new product line focused at ease-of use, with most products packaged in single use quantities.

In the year that followed, the iXL Oil line has found great success in the professional trucking world, as Trucking OEM discovered the potential benefits for their customers. At the time of launching, iXL products are being sold in more than 100 retail locations. Not through advertising. Nor endorsements.

iXL's growth stems from the power and effectiveness of its products alone.

In order to bring these powerful and effective additives, treatments and lubricants to more professionals in the trucking, mining, marine, and agriculture industries, iXL Oil authorized iXLStore.com to market and sell its products.

Important Site Components

  • Newsletter$mdash;Every month iXLStore.com will run a promotion. The easiest way to make sure you never miss our monthly promotion is to sign up for our newsletter, because we'll send the offer right to your inbox.
  • Currently Monthly Promotion$mdash;In celebration of officially launching iXlStore.com, this month (Septmeber) we're offering free shipping on most orders over $300 dollars. Learn more about qualifying orders: here.
  • SDS Sheets$mdash;Every iXL Oil product has a link to its Safety Data Sheet right on the product page. Additionally, the full set of SDS sheets can also be accessed here, or under the top navigation menu under "About Us".
  • Search Function$mdash;If you already know the iXL Product you are interested in, the easiest way to find it is to use the search function found in the upper right hand of every page on iXLStore.com, just below the "Cart" and "Account" icons.

Find Retail Locations Near you

There's a good chance that you can find buy iXL diesel treatments, oil additives, greases and lubricants from a retailer near you. Check out out retail location map and see if you can find iXL near you. If not, head on over to our iXL Online Shop to get started.

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