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After only 10 months since the launch of the new iXL Oil product line, the number of retail locations carrying iXL Products passed the 100 store mark. At the time of this post—and only 1 full year since the product line launch—that number is closer to 130 brick and mortar locations.

While the march forward for iXL Retail Locations is far from slowing, it's important for any business to stop and appreciate benchmark accomplishments, like surpassing 100+ retail locations.

As the list was getting too large for us to share with people, we decided to turn it into a map. The iXL Retail Map is the easiest way to find nearby retail locations carrying iXL Products.

How Often Will The Map Update?

We will continue to update the map regularly as more and more retail locations decide to serve their customers by carrying Heavy Industry's #1 Choice, iXL.

The map can always be found on under the about us section, and can also be found on here: iXL Retail Locations

How To Search The Map

Finding an iXL Oil retail location near you couldn't be easier. Simple enter your address into the address field below (or even just your zipcode) and click the blue search button (magnifying glass).

By default the iXL Retail Location Map will attempt to search within 25 miles of the address you input. If you do not find any locations within this radius, you can repeat the search with an expanded search radius (50-100 miles), using the drop down menu under the address box.

How To Read The Map

Once you have found retail locations carrying iXL in your search radius, simply click on the map marker icon to reveal details about the location. On each location's info card that will pop up you will find the name of the location, its address, as well as its phone number and a link to its website.

The map markers are color coded, to help you choose your preferred type of iXL retail location experience. The locations are organized by 4 types:

  • Trucking Locations: Marked In Red. These are predominantly OEM trucking locations, such as Kenworth, Peterbilt, and Rush.
  • Trucking Locations With Service Upgrade: Marked in Yellow. These are the trucking locations whose service departments offer the iXL Service Upgrade program.
  • Agricultural Locations: Marked in Green. These are retail locations that predominantly serve the farming industry, such as Tractor Supply Co.
  • Assorted Retail Locations: Marked in Purple. These are retail locations the specialize in diverse markets, but that all carry iXL.

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