Reduces and maintains operating temperatures in manual transmissions used in the harshest commercial trucking conditions. A must for trucks:

  • Constantly shifting under load
  • Running at high RPMs
  • Pulling uphill often
  • Gearing downhill often
  • Sold in 100+ locations nationwide
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    Lowers Temperatures And Protects Parts

    iXL Big Rig Manual Transmission Treatment is uniquely designed for commercial manual transmissions (9 speed to 18 speed) to:

    • Reduce operating temperatures
    • Smooth shifting
    • Reduce gear grinding
    • Extend part life

    Super Concentrated Formula

    The Big Rig Man. Transmission Treatment comes in one small 10oz bottle, but is powerful enough to treat a transmission that holds up to 13 quarts of transmission oil.

    Long Lasting

    Because iXL Big Rig Manual Transmission Treatment lowers operating temperatures, it prevents normal wear, extending the life of parts and the oil. There's no need to redose with iXL until you change the transmission oil as recommended by your OEM.

    iXL Big Rig Manual Transmission Treatment is available in the following package quantities:

    Individual Bottle (1 10oz Bottle)

    • Individual Product Volume: 10oz
    • Total Package Volume: 10oz
    • Total Shipping Weight: 0.92lbs

    Case (20 10oz Bottles)

    • Individual Product Volume: 10oz
    • Total Package Volume: 200oz
    • Total Shipping Weight: 18.4lbs

    When Changing Transmission Oil

    1. Add one 10oz bottle of iXL Manual Transmission Treatment to treat between 10-13 quarts of transmission oil.

    When Adding To Existing Oil

    1. Add directly to fill plug, using the dosage of 1 oz of iXl treatment to 1.3 quarts of transmission oil.
    2. Caution: To avoid excessive pressure, do not overfill system.


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    Downloadable SDS

    iXL Manual Transmission Treatment - SDS

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