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Big Rig Engine Treatment engine treatment, engine additive, engine oil additive, oil treatment, engine oil treatment
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Reduces Operating Temperature In Big Rig MotorsiXL Big Rig Engine Treatment is uniqily designed with iXL Technologies&mark; that treat your engine, not the oil. Using iXL Engine Treatment will dramatically reduce the operating temperature and increase efficiency in commercial engines up to 650 horse power.Extends Life of Engine Oil and Engine PartsCommercial trucks that use iXL Engine Treatment in their engine oil will see a dramatic increase in the life of bearings and a dramatic reduction in...

Big Rig Differential Treatment differential treatment, gear box treatment, differential additive, gear box additive
Price: $52.50
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Dramatically Reduce Operating Temperatures In DifferentialsiXL Big Rig Differential Treatment is uniquely designed for heavy-use and commercial gear boxes to protect against heat and mechanical stress. Used in commercial rear ends from 38,000 lbs to 46,000 lbs weight rating.Extend Life Of Gears, Seals & OilsBecause iXL Differential Treatment lowers the operating temperature in gear boxes, it extends the life of oils, gears and yoke seals. iXL Diff Treatment is compatible with all types of...

Big Rig Manual Transmission Treatment manual transmission treatment, manual transmission additive, manual transmission fluid treatment, manual transmissions fluid additive
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Lowers Temperatures And Protects PartsiXL Big Rig Manual Transmission Treatment is uniquely designed for commercial manual transmissions (9 speed to 18 speed) to: Reduce operating temperatures Smooth shifting Reduce gear grinding Extend part life Super Concentrated FormulaThe Big Rig Man. Transmission Treatment comes in one small 10oz bottle, but is powerful enough to treat a transmission that holds up to 13 quarts of transmission oil.Long LastingBecause iXL Big Rig Manual Transmission...

Big Rig Hydraulic Treatment hydraulic treatment, hydraulic oil additive
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iXl Premium Item #: BR-HYDR32oz -

Lowers Operating Temperatures In PumpsiXL Big Rig Hydraulic Treatment is specifically designed to reduce operating temperatures in all heavy duty hydraulic systems. iXL Hydraulic Treatment also adds lubricity and thermal stability to all types of hydraulic oil.Extends Part And Fluid LifeBecause it allows pumps to work at a cooler levels, iXL Hydraulic fluid extends the life of hoses, rams, and cylinders, reduces operating noise levels, and helps prevent pump failure.CompatibilityiXL Hydraulic...