The only hydraulic treatment with iXL Technologies™ to dramatically lower the operating temperatures withing hydraulic pumps.

  • Reduces operating temperatures
  • Extends life of hoses, ramps, cylinders, and pumps
  • Adds thermal stability to hydraulic fluids
  • Reduces noise level from machine operation
  • Sold in 100+ locations nationwide
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    Lowers Operating Temperatures In Pumps

    iXL Big Rig Hydraulic Treatment is specifically designed to reduce operating temperatures in all heavy duty hydraulic systems. iXL Hydraulic Treatment also adds lubricity and thermal stability to all types of hydraulic oil.

    Extends Part And Fluid Life

    Because it allows pumps to work at a cooler levels, iXL Hydraulic fluid extends the life of hoses, rams, and cylinders, reduces operating noise levels, and helps prevent pump failure.


    iXL Hydraulic Treatment is compatible with all types of hydraulic oils, as well as all tractor fluid systems.

    iXL Big Rig Hydraulic Treatment is available in the following package quantities:

    Individually (1 32oz Bottle)

    • Individual Product Volume: 32oz
    • Total Package Volume: 32oz
    • Total Shipping Weight: 3lbs

    Half-Case (6 32oz Bottles)

    • Individual Product Volume: 32oz
    • Total Package Volume: 192oz
    • Total Shipping Weight: 18

    Case (12 32oz Bottles)

    • Individual Product Volume: 32oz
    • Total Package Volume: 384oz
    • Total Shipping Weight: 35lbs

    For All Hydraulic Applications

    1. Use 1oz. of iXL Hydraulic Treatment for every 1 gallon of hydraulic fluid. Use same dosage for all makes of hydraulic oil.
    2. If operating temperatures do not decrease, double dosage do 2oz iXL Hydraulic Treatment for ever 1 gallon of hydraulic oil.


    All orders placed online are processed within 1 business day, and shipped within 1 more business day. Business days are Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm Mountain Standard Time.

    Ground Shipping

    • UPS—Orders with a total combined weight under 150lbs are typically shipped through UPS, unless palletization is required.
    • Freight—Orders with a total combined weight of 150lbs or greater are typically shipped as freight. Any order requiring palletization will be shipped freight.

    Downloadable SDS

    iXL Hydraulic Treatment - SDS

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