A performance grade 80w-90 oil blended with iXL Technologies™ with unique high pressure properties designed for wheel hubs.

  • Extend seal and bearing life
  • Reduces operating temperature
  • Protects and lubricates moving parts
  • Preblended, no measuring
  • Sold in 100+ locations nationwide
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    Scientifically designed to withstand high heat and pressure

    iXL Hub Oil is a performance grade 80w/90 base oil sheer blended with proprietary iXL Technologies, which dramatically reduce operating temperatures in commercial wheel hubs. iXL Hub Oil increase the life of seals and bearings.

    No Mess, No Measuring when lubricating hubs

    Because the Technology is already shear blended into the performance grade oil, there is no need to measure when dosing your hubs. Simply add iXL Hub Oil as your OEM suggest.

    Works With All Makes of Steering Axles and Trailer Hubs

    iXL Hub Oil works anywhere a sturdy high performance 80w/90 weight oil is needed to protect moving parts.

    iXL Big Rig 80w/90 Hub Oil is available in the following package quantities:

    Individually (1 32oz Bottle)

    • Individual Product Volume: 32oz
    • Total Package Volume: 32oz
    • Total Shipping Weight: 2.1lbs

    Half-Case (6 32oz Bottles)

    • Individual Product Volume: 32oz
    • Total Package Volume: 192oz
    • Total Shipping Weight: 12.5lbs

    Case (12 32oz bottles)

    • Individual Product Volume: 32oz
    • Total Package Volume: 384oz
    • Total Shipping Weight: 25lbs
    1. Drain previous oil from hub
    2. Dose with Big Rig Hub Oil according to OEM specs.


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